When choosing a company to cover any of your needs, impeccable service is of the utmost importance. At C King Benefit Auctions, our entire operation is dedicated to providing the highest possible level of service and satisfaction, along with educating, advising, and guiding our clients on how to execute a successful fund-raising gala.

We are Benefit Auctioneer Specialists and our services are structured to meet the needs of your organization. We walk you through every step of your event from formulating your guest list, to training your volunteers, and recommending the best donations. We also provide award-winning auctioneers and auctioneer assistants the night of your event, and if necessary, auction-day staffing.

We have seen time and time again that donors will give more generously when they are enjoying themselves. We believe in what we do and know that our team will make your gala exciting and energetic. Let us bring your cause into the limelight by helping you unite with generous donors. The benefit to you is not only an increase in revenue, but also allowing us to share the responsibility of making your gala a success. We would love to consult with you about helping your organization with fund-raising using the auction method.

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